5 steps to an office detox

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Some may say an untidy office is the sign of a creative mind, but if your workplace unruliness goes beyond a piled up inbox, virtual or physical, you might want to think again. At its worst, office mess causes accidents, the majority of which are falls, frequently caused by equipment, files and cables left lying around. [...]

Why lax workplace hygiene standards could be costing you good staff

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If you are in any doubt about the wisdom of spending on workplace hygiene products, please find the results of some research among office workers worldwide conducted for one of our suppliers, Tork. This exercise has suggested health and cleanliness standards may influence, more than was realised previously, the ability of businesses to recruit and retain [...]

Five questions to ask about your Spring Clean

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Spring cleaning gives workplaces an opportunity to deep clean every area of a premises and bring some fresh sparkle to places that may have been neglected in the dark winter months. This big clean is more than a question of getting all the cleaning products out of the store cupboard. It’s also a chance to review [...]