Pens and pencils are still our writing tools of choice for many tasks.

In writing terms, digital devices may be useful for long articles and recording in-depth information, but when we want to plan, make notes, visualise, and simply learn better, there is no competition to the writing instrument.

Four reasons why pen and pencil are king:

Brain training

The act of writing by hand is completely different to keyboard typing. When we use a pen or pencil, our brains and muscles come together to perform the task. We have to move our hand, get our brain to direct the hand and also think about the words we’re writing. Using a keyboard does not work the brain nearly as much.


Handwriting is a slower process than typing and this is a good thing. Because we have to engage more areas of the brain and work a little slower, writing can be better for goal setting, brainstorming and recalling information, according to Patricia Ann Wade.


When we place our digital devices to one side, we remove online distractions. Taking away interruptions, emails, formatting issues or the temptation to surf the net helps us to focus on the job in hand and feel calmer.


Complete freedom to write or sketch exactly what’s in our head, without restriction, makes pen or pencil the tool of choice for anyone looking for inspiration or to put their thoughts on paper. Author J. K. Rowling’s sketches of Harry Potter characters and scenes are the perfect example of brain, hand and paper bringing an all-time bestselling book and film series to life.