Signs of the times in 2018 are very often digital, yet traditional signage inside business premises can still deliver hugely significant benefits to organisations.

Businesses, though, frequently see most conventional signage, when they consider it at all, as no more than a dull optional extra.

Many businesses fail to recognise the potential of traditional signage as a marketing tool, for example. Yet the CEO of one retailer has stated that he regards his company’s signage as its most important and cost-effective advertising vehicle. That’s partly because conventional signage can be a significantly cheaper means of promotion than many marketing techniques.

Where a business sells goods to people visiting its premises, striking traditional signs, such as those helping customers locate items easily, can dramatically stimulate immediate sales too, including by prompting impulse buys.

Well-designed and astutely-placed signage in a reception area can also be vital in creating visitors’ first impressions of an organisation – which can be hugely influential – working for a business throughout its opening hours.

With a consistent design and appearance, internal signage can additionally help to create and reinforce a unique and unforgettable brand, increasing public awareness of a business and helping to differentiate it from competitors. Such signage can also emphasise the company’s image for attributes such as high manufacturing standards and excellent customer service.

And compared to those digital screens? Well, conventional signage is usually far cheaper in the first place. After that, it doesn’t demand that you incur trouble and expense on work such as maintenance, updating technology and remedying electrical faults. In addition, conventional signs can be moved more easily and don’t require that a suitable electrical supply is available or installed nearby.

Speedy Marquee offers a huge range of high-quality, standard workplace signs. Many of these are health and safety-related, communicating that organisations displaying them are reputable and take their legal, regulatory and moral responsibilities seriously. These signs include items: identifying prohibited actions, such as smoking; stating safeguards that must be followed, like wearing high-visibility clothing; and directing people towards fire exits or first-aid equipment, for example.

In addition, we provide a wide selection of sign holders. These come from brands such as Deflecto, range in size from A3 to A6, and are available in both portrait and landscape orientations.  The choice includes wall, floor, stand-up, slanted, swivel, rotating and L-shaped items. Our range embraces both a combined suggestion box and sign holder, plus a 110 cm PVC post linked to an A4 sign holder.