We are very pleased to announce that we have recently joined the Carbon Capture Scheme in association with the Woodland Trust. You can now do you bit too, just buy the Woodland Trust paper range from Speedy Marquee when you next place an order.

What is Woodland Carbon?

Woodland Carbon allows organisations to mitigate their carbon emissions by funding tree planting here in the UK. Operating under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code, the scheme gives businesses the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact and facilitate the wide range of benefits provided by trees.

Through Woodland Carbon we can:

Provide much-needed space for wildlife
Establish new woodlands for generations of people to enjoy
Connect with our staff and customers through special planting days

How it works

It is all very simple…

  1. The amount of CO2 emitted from the paper that we purchase is calculated as a separate Carbon Capture charge
  2. The Carbon Capture charge is given to the Woodland Trust to mitigate the CO2 emissions by planting trees in certified Woodland Carbon sites. 100% of the charge goes to the Woodland Trust, there are no deductions. This charge is not passed onto our customers
  3. A certificate is provided by the Woodland Trust confirming the amount of CO2 captured and the area of new native woodland that has been planted.So by purchasing sustainable paper from Speedy Marquee, you are helping to create new native woodland all across the UK.

Want to help plant trees?

If you and your organisation would like to know more about the Carbon Capture Scheme or would be interested in planting trees please let us know.