Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 25 February to 10 March this year. We sell a large range of Fairtrade products which are aimed at helping the farmers and workers who grow our food to receive a fairer price for goods and win small premiums to help grow their businesses.

1. Fairtrade coffee

Probably the best known of all Fairtrade products, Fairtrade coffee supplied by Speedy Marquee includes Café Direct, Clipper and Nescafé Partners Blend among others.

The leading worldwide beverage after water, coffee is said to reduce the risk of liver disease and Parkinson’s and protect against Type 2 diabetes when drunk in sensible quantities, so there’s probably a health and ethical win-win in stocking up on the Fairtrade varieties.

2. Fairtrade tea

Café Direct bulk bag tea bags come in 440 and 1100 sizes, with Clipper Fairtrade tea bags and Pukka English breakfast tea other Fairtrade tea options from our catalogue.

Tea is said to rehydrate as well as water, with flavinoids the vital ingredients that help to prevent cell damage and potentially protect us from various illnesses.

3. Fairtrade sugar

British consumers and businesses choosing Fairtrade sugar have sent more than £5 million in Fairtrade premiums back to sugarcane smallholders over the last year.

Speedy Marquee supplies Fairtrade sugar sticks and sachets as well as Fairtrade sugar dispensers.

4. Fairtrade chocolate

For improved memory, a better attention span and shorter reaction times, chocolate could be the perfect treat during long meetings and busy days at the office.

Green & Black’s chocolate is both organic and Fairtrade, and options such as its’ luxury mixed pack, with two miniature bars each of Milk, Butterscotch, Almond, Ginger, Dark and Hazelnut & Currant, are great for sharing at work.